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●●●● is an educational software to improve your learning process. It is designed to help you learn not only a new language but anything that can be learnt!
This aim is achieved by using the widely used method, called Leitner System, and the idea of "different card types for different purposes".
Leitner System (proposed by Sebastian Leitner in the 1970s) is one the most efficient methods for learning. Which allows you to focus on the most difficult flashcards and not waste your time on what you have already learnt.

●●●● is developed to combine the immense power of computers and the power of Leitner System.

●●●● screenshot

This application is made by C++ and QT. It officially works on GNU/Linux and MS Windows.


  • Free and open source software (GPL License).
  • Arranges flashcards in different categories.
  • Different types of flashcard for different purposes.
  • Multi sided vocabulary cards
  • Interactive map cards for geography training (capital of countries, location of countries, states, cities,...)
  • An advanced text editor for editing rich text.
  • Infinite number of images can be inserted inside each flashcard.
  • An image editor embedded inside the text editor
  • Can fetch appropriate images from internet (Google images).
  • An embedded dictionary which is able to translate more than 50 languages. (using "Google translate") and supports MDic databases for offline translations (NEW)
  • Unicode support.
  • Can save all flashcards (even images) within a single file in XML format. Therefore, it can be carried and used elsewhere.
  • Supports KVTML and CSV file formats.
  • Import and merge other files.
  • Records every answer to each flashcard for analysis.
  • [Auto]Pronounce as you go through your cards ("espeak" program should be installed).
  • Displays you which flashcards should be reviewed during the session (but it doesn't persuade you to review only those).
  • Fully customizable review.
  • Search for flashcards (title/contents. Regular Expressions are also supported).
  • Drag and drop cards, images, text from anywhere. (temporary disabled)
  • Available for GNU/Linux and MS Windows.
  • Available in other languages.

Latest Announcements

●●●● 0.15.0 released
On 9 September 2009, ●●●● 0.15.0 was released.
Now, we have a nice dictionary embedded inside ●●●●. Thanks to the developers of MDic project, it supports MDic databases. But also, it uses "Google translate" service which is able to translate more than 50 languages. Not only words, but even sentences!
Furthermore, there is a button above each translation which says "create a card". As you can guess, it simply creates a card based on the search phrase and the translation.
Please see Change Log for full details and download plage to download it.
●●●● 0.14.0 released
On 23 August 2009, ●●●● 0.14.0 was released.
The most important addition in this version is "map card". Basically, it helps you learn the location of countries, cities, waters and capital of countries in an interactive mode.
It is really helpful for those people who want to improve their geography.
Along with this feature, reviewing algorithm is slightly improved and some bugs have been fixed
Please see Change Log for full details and download plage to download it.
●●●● 0.13.2 released
On 8 August 2009, ●●●● 0.13.2 was released.
No new feature has been added. But some critical bugs have been fixed including the problem with saving files in the previous version.
Please visit download plage to download it.
●●●● 0.13.1 released
On 30 July 2009, ●●●● 0.13.1 was released.
This is a minor version which focuses on bug fixes. Many bugs has been fixed and also Czech translation has been added (thanks to Pavel Fric)
This is recommended to everyone who is using version 0.13.0 or earlier versions (or even if you have not used ●●●● at al :D )
Please see Change Log for full details and download plage to download it.
●●●● 0.13.0 released
On 22 July 2009, ●●●● 0.13.0 was released with a lot of changes.
Finally, the text editor was completely replaced (by QtWebKit) and made us free to add a lot of cool features that was not possible using the last text editor. Though, qt 4.5.x should be installed in order to use the software
For now, the visible changes are consistent card appearance. in other words, appearance of all cards can be changed at once. Also, a basic image editor is added which is able to resize, rotate, flip and mirror images.
Moreover, an "Export" dialog has been added with lots of options for those cool people who like to share their knowledge with others :)
Please see Change Log for full details and download plage to download it.
SVN Repository
6 July 2009: Now you can use SVN to access the most recent updates to the source code of ●●●●.
See download page for more information.
●●●● is Back with Version 0.12.0
After a few months, on 28 June 2009, a new version of ●●●● is released with a nice set of features and a few bugfixes.
The most notable features include a new section to maintain cards known as "stack". Cards inside the stack are not included in review sessions. It is very useful when you import a file of hundreds or thousands of cards.
Now, multiple cards can be dragged and dropped between stages and/or stack. You can also set navigation settings in review sessions. Therefore you can review random cards or marked cards or any card.
At the last but not the least, text-to-speech is now supported in windows version!
See Change Log for full details.